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page updated on 2014-04-20

SCADA Systems

AUTINTEC provides SCADA solutions for controlling and monitoring, locally or remotely, facilities and telecommunication network equipment.

These solutions are based on specialized software for the development of SCADA and on PLC's, RTU's, interface and telecommunication equipment from renowned manufacturers.

Some references in Telecommunication Systems

Control and monitoring of emergency communications:

Control and monitoring of critical telecommunications facilities:

Some references in remote control and monitoring of water resources

Irrigation systems:


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What are SCADA systems

SCADA is the acronym for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This name was originated in industrial process control to designate a set of computers, communication devices, sensors and other equipment, which had to control and manage one or more machines in a production system.

With the rapid technological developments that we have seen in recent years, machines have become more complex and SCADA systems become even more needed and more accessible.

Use of SCADA systems

Moreover, the use of SCADA systems was extended to a variety of areas beyond the production processes, such as: transport and distribution of energy; water capturing, treatment, storage and distribution; remote equipment for environmental parameters analysis (pollution, air quality, ...); telecommunication networks and many other areas.

SCADA systems communicate with machines and other equipment to manage and gather process information available through PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) or RTUs (Remote Terminal Units). The use of PLCs is indispensable in cases in which the need for local programming logic control prevails. The RTUs are used, especially when it is only necessary to gather information from remote locations and communication requirements are more significant than local programming.